Jack Cain was an entrepreneur and maverick of his day. An infamous smuggler and illicit distiller who was producing spirits in Northumbria in the 19th century. His father was a smuggler and Jack acquired an illicit still from his acquaintances in the Scottish borders and so his expertise and business grew. He settled in the Tyne valleys where he supplied the thirsty workers of the industrial revolution with strong liquors.

Jack was tried for the murder of a Doctor Stirling whose body was found near an illicit still near the banks of the Tyne. Jack was acquitted of the murder but found it difficult to re-establish himself after his high profile trial. He fled to Australia and then returned to the North East where he became a well respected gardener for one of the region's first industrialists, Joseph Cowen. Jack was a multifaceted character who also became involved in the early development of the co-operative movement in the North East whilst working for Cowen.

We are producing Jack Cain's Gins to celebrate this resident of the Tyne Valleys and others like him. Liquors for people who realise life is not just about following rules and who have the courage to take an unconventional path and retain that spirit of independent thought throughout their life.

We aim to produce drinks that "vary the uniform circulation of thought". Drinks which celebrate and nurture that maverick spirit within us all. Just like Jack Cain.

Enjoy !


'Guaranteed to vary the uniform circulation of thought'

Drink different. Think different. Guaranteed.