Andy Haddon has a tendency to come up with ideas and visionary projects and share those ideas freely. "Had on a minute" is a Geordie term that means ‘slow down a bit’ and there could not be a surname better suited to a character as his ideas can come a bit too fast for some.

That cannot be said of this venture as Andy cannot recall when the idea was first conceived. Having discovered the little known story of Jack Cain, Andy felt a strong affinity with the character and a plan started to take shape. While having his thoughts varied one evening in a local hostelry he met two other like-minded souls and they agreed to turn this dream into reality and so Jack Cain's was reborn.

Jim Golightly, the second of the founders, is another wandering soul who has used his scientific and engineering skills prospecting in the Sahara. Jim found himself in the desert as a para saving King Hussein as he could not face the alternative of counting buttons in an army store. He now relaxes by following his great grandfather’s tradition of making sloe gin on his farm. A farm we believe is on the site where Jack Cain produced his illicit spirits.

Third founder John Boyle was the equivalent of ‘Jack Cain’ in Jeddah. He won prizes for his Jeddah Gin and has pursued his passion for making drinks when he retired in 1999 and started the hugely popular Wylam Brewery in Heddon on the Wall, brewing traditional local Real Ales. You can visit the website at


'Guaranteed to vary the uniform circulation of thought'

Drink different. Think different. Guaranteed.