We are a company passionate about reviving the expertise and heritage for handcrafting spirits in Northumbria. We are making Jack Cain's Gins utilising hedgerow botanicals at Heddon on the Wall in Northumberland.

Jack Cain was an infamous illicit distiller producing spirits in 19th century Northumbria. We are producing a range of gins to celebrate the spirit of this maverick and the many others like him from Northumbria. People who over the ages have dared to think a bit differently and at times have made the impossible a reality. Our drinks are made as a celebration of independent spirits wherever they are found.

‘They were fond of strong liquors, which exhilarate the spirits, and by a temporary madness, vary the uniform circulation of thought’

This quote is attributed to Archdeacon of Northumberland Thomas Sharp from the 19th century. He is referring to the local Northumbrian people and their passion for strong drinks. Drinks that are a bit different and which stimulate the independent mind. We feel this passion is as strong today as it was in the time of Jack Cain and we hope our products will stimulate and inspire you to think a little differently.

'Guaranteed to vary the uniform circulation of thought'

Drink different. Think different. Guaranteed.